Disposable Face Shield Now Available

BetterShield Disposable Face Shield

New to the PharmaSystems’ infection prevention product mix is the BetterShield Disposable Face Shield.   Disposable Face Shield Features: Contoured lower-face protection means superior droplet-borne pathogen protection, even in close quarters Advanced 3-D contoured shape guards against attack from all sides… Continue Reading

Med ID Jewelry

Medical Identification Jewelry

Medical Identification saves lives by providing accurate medical information when needed most. Bracelet & necklace med id jewelry aids in accurate treatment while lowering the risk of medical error. PharmaSystems offers a selection of Medical ID’s including: Peanut Allergy Asthma Anti-Coagulant Drug… Continue Reading

Keep your ear canals free from infection this Summer with EAR BAND-IT® & PUTTY BUDDIES®

The Original EAR BAND-IT® Headband & PUTTY BUDDIES® Patented Floating Silicone Ear Plugs Physician Developed Ear Protection from Water for All Ages With summer approaching, everyone will soon be heading for their local swimming pool or lakeside/seaside vacation spot. Don’t… Continue Reading