Vaccine Monitoring Thermometers Checklist

Vaccine Monitoring Thermometers from PharmaSystems PharmaSystems is proud to be the Canadian source for pharmacy supplies. In addition to offering exceptional quality products, our customer service includes notifications and information on changing Canadian pharmacy requirements. With the Flu shot in… Continue Reading

Sterile Preparations for Compounding Pharmacies

EasyReach Cleaning Tool

PharmaSystems is excited to showcase an innovative product recommended for Isolator and Hood Cleaning: the Easy Reach™ Cleaning Tool Product Features: Single piece stainless steel tool is easily passed through transfer hatches, requires no assembly and is maintenance-free Versatile low profile, 360… Continue Reading

Unit Dose Packaging Solutions from PharmaSystems

Unit Dose Solutions

Knowing that not oral solid dose pharmaceuticals come packaged from the manufacturer in unit-of-use packaging, we are forced to rely on ad-hoc  packaging of oral solids. PharmaSystems recognizes this need, and we are proud to offer a large selection of unit-dose… Continue Reading

Ontario Vaccine Monitoring Requirements

Vaccine storage and handling product recommendations from PharmaSystems

As outlined by Public Health Ontario, Temperature-monitoring devices are essential requirements for monitoring vaccines. By understanding and implementing proper vaccine storage and handling practices, you can play a critical role by ensuring that administered  vaccines retain their potency and that… Continue Reading

Grapefruit Warning Labels

Warning Labels

Recent study finds many new drugs create negative interactions with Grapefruit, as published in an article earlier this week by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.  According to the report, new drugs that are found to have negative interactions with grapefruit include:  Certain cholesterol-lowering statin… Continue Reading

MonitorMark Product Exposure Indicators

MonitorMark Temperature Exposure Indicator

A recent notice from the U.S. Government Food Safety initiative has detailed the importance of proper response, diagnosis and prevention of food illness outbreaks. Please see the article here which details how food can get contaminated at the different steps of preparation,… Continue Reading

Occupational Safety & Health Administration: Reducing Stress Associated with Static Posture

Anti Fatigue Matting

Pharmacists, like many other professions, spend many hours a day standing on their feet. Staying in one position (also known as Static Posture) increases the load or force on the muscle and tendons, which contributes to fatigue. Static posture often… Continue Reading