Contact lens cases can be a significant source of microbial contamination

Did you know that contact lens cases can be a significant source of microbial contamination?

To help prevent eye infections, lens cases should be cleaned, rinsed, and air dried daily; and replaced frequently, at least every 3 months.


PharmaSystems is excited to announce the launch of our brand new contact lens case value pack with 4 assorted coloured cases available in 1 compact clam shell pack! This convenient pack offers a 1 year supply* of contact lens cases, encouraging users to discard of used cases more frequently, to help prevent the growth of microbial contamination.

*1 year supply based on the recommendation that contact lens cases should be replaced frequently, at least every 3 months. If cases get soiled, damaged, or dirty, it is recommended to replace more frequently than every 3 months. Consult a pharmacist or eye care professional for additional tips to maintain proper optical health.




  • Contains four sets of washable contact lens cases
  • Ideal for storage and chemical disinfection of soft and hard contact lenses
  • Easy-twist lids create a water-tight seal
  • Star-ridged chambers help prevent contact lenses from sticking to the case
  • Compact and convenient for safe-keeping and use on-the-go
  • Compartments are labeled to easily distinguish left and right eye prescriptions
  • Assorted colours available – easy to distinguish for multiple users in a single household
  • Latex and BPA free

See Item # PS926 online here.

Contact the customer service team at PharmaSystems for details.


Canadian News channels recently reported on the importance of maintaining proper contact lens hygiene and maintenance, see full article here.