Disposable Face Shield Now Available

New to the PharmaSystems’ infection prevention product mix is the BetterShield Disposable Face Shield.

BetterShield Disposable Face Shield

BetterShield Disposable Face Shield


Disposable Face Shield Features:

  • Contoured lower-face protection means superior droplet-borne pathogen protection, even in close quarters
  • Advanced 3-D contoured shape guards against attack from all sides
  • Lightweight! At only 15 grams, it’s the same weight as a sheet of glossy paper
  • Because a shield is only useful if it is clear, manufacturers have used special materials and sophisticated processes to create superior dependable antifog performance
  • Specially suited for long-term, stable shelf storage
  • One size fits all means simplified inventory management
  • Face Shields are available 10 per package


Order the Disposable Face Shields today ! Click here to view online at PharmaSystems.com