Earol- Ear wax Removal Kit

Earol is a new product designed to help remove troublesome ear wax. Earol™ ear spray has a simple yet unique delivery system capable of dispensing a discrete unit dose of olive oil into the outer ear for ear wax removal.

This delivery eliminates the need for use of a dropper or cotton wool therefore significantly reducing spillage or waste. Earol™ is highly user friendly. The user simply places the actuator into the opening of the auditory canal and depresses the actuator. This can be followed by gently massaging the tragus.Simple and effective, no chemicals, completely natural pharmaceutical grade olive oil in a unique measured dose spray. In preparation for syringing, ENT’s often recommend that olive oil is instilled into the auditory canal to soften the earwax. Earol™ has been specifically designed to
simplify this process.

What sets this product apart from the rest?
The major benefit of Earol™ is that a 50 microlitre-metered spray is self administered into the auditory canal reducing mess or spillage, coating the entire surface area of the auditory lining and compacted wax.
• Larger bottle and actuator, easy to use especially for those with less dexterity
• Tapered actuator for easy and comfortable insertion
• Directed mist spray ensures correct dosage without spillage or waste
• Transparent bottle indicates remaining oil
• Available for use by ALL AGE GROUPS
• 10ml bottle – allowing for both ears to be treated twice a day for 14 days.
The 10ml bottle is capable of delivering a directed spray of olive oil into the auditory canal via an
ontological actuator. This increases the surface area of the oil, improving efficacy and ensuring
the oil does not run out of the ear. This combination dramatically enhances user compliance and
significantly reduces mess.
Unlike past practice, there is no need for a cotton-wool stopper and the patient does not suffer
any additional hearing impairment due to a cotton wool wad or swamping of the auditory canal.
Also, there is no requirement for other persons to be present when using Earol™.

How does Earol™ work?
Earol™ Olive Oil Spray has a simple yet unique delivery system capable of delivering a unit dose
of olive oil into the outer ear reducing over application and without mess or spillage.Will Earol™ improve my hearing?The removal of earwax is known to significantly improve hearing and balance. In some cases, it
may still be necessary to have your ears syringed, however if you have been using Earol™ the
syringing will be more effective.What makes Earol™ different?Administering olive oil manually is both difficult and messy; it is also very hard to judge the
exact amount of Olive Oil required. However by using Earol™ you can be assured that you are
delivering the correct amount of olive oil required.

Why should I use Earol™?
Earol™ Olive Oil Spray is a simple and effective method of softening or naturally removing
earwax and thus reducing the need for syringing or to facilitate syringing should it prove
necessary. Once your ears have been syringed you can use Earol™ regularly to maintain healthy ears.

Symptoms of compacted earwax include:• Mild to severe hearing loss
• Pain in either or both ears
• Tinnitus
• Dizziness or Vertigo
• Itching
• Otitis externa
• Reflex cough
• Some people however are asymptomatic

Earol is currently available in pharmacies across Canada. To find out more details on where to shop, please contact our customer service department: info@pharmasystems.com 1.888.475.2500