Flu Season Essentials

Stock up on Flu Season Essentials available at PharmaSystems.

Although winter is half-way through, unfortunately the Flu virus in Canada is still very prominent. Stock up flu season essentials from PharmaSystems, and save 15% until March 31st. We are offering 15% off C°/F° digital thermometers and protective face masks. View all deals here.
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Our extensive product mix ranges from these important consumer retail essentials to related Rx pharmacy supplies, including:
  • Prescription supplies such as medicine vials – view selection here
  • Prescription warning labels – view selection here
  • Pill counting trays – view selection here
  • Vaccine storage – view selection here
  • Vaccine temperature monitoring devices – view selection here
  • Sharps disposal – view selection here
  • Protective apparel – gloves, masks, bouffant covers, shoe covers – view selection here
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