Get Organized with PharmaSystems’ Bins

Increase Efficiency with 5S Lean Organization Strategies – Get Organized with PharmaSystems Boxes and Bins

PharmaSystems’ offers pharmacy and hospital workspace and storage organization strategies

Resolve Inefficiencies – Make 2015 your most Efficient Year!

Resolve Inefficiencies – Make 2015 your most Organized Year!

PharmaSystems’ can help organize your business and improve efficiencies using the 5S Lean System! This methodology aims to:
  • Develop inventory control through visual cues
  • Quickly identifies problems
  • Improves inventory control and levels
  • Improve safety
  • Create extra workspace

S1: Sort


PharmaSystems’ has a variety of bin options to fit your organization needs.

  • Use bins to sort like parts among small and large work spaces
  • Use bins with hopper-style fonts for easy and efficient picking
  • Take advantage of colour-coding and clear styles, such as the AkroBins® available in 17 colours, InSight™ Bins which are completely clear, or Hanging Wire baskets which allow quick visual access to inventory
  • Bins are available with a variety of lid and divider options
  • Use label holders to identify or barcode bin contents
  • This sorting process allows elimination and relocation to improve efficiencies in work space and processes

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S2: Set in Order

  • Make the most of your workspace – create storage and workspace areas using bin organization strategies
  • Create vertical storage using wall hanging units such as louvered panels
  • Create workspace efficiencies using  hanging storage racks and mobile kits – check out our bin configuration charts to maximize storage space

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PharmaSystems' can help you maximize your work and storage space. Use these bin configurations as a guide or contact us for assistance.

PharmaSystems’ can help you maximize your work and storage space. Use these bin configurations as a guide or contact us for assistance.

S3: Shine

  • Develop a cleaning and maintenance schedule
  • Store materials securely with lids to keep clean and protected
  • AkroBins® are available with clear or amber bins (for light-sensitive contents), and InSight™ Bins are available with clear lids

S4: Standardize

  • Develop and evaluate SOP’s to keep your S5 method as efficient as possible
  • Consider portable work centres such as the Bin cart with work top (item # 1422) to integrate 5S organization into multiple workflows

S5: Sustain

  • Continue to reinforce and improve best practices
  • Re-evaluate as inventory needs change over time


PharmaSystems offers a variety of organization solutions, include shelf bins, casettes, shelf caddies, tote boxes, carry caddies, trays, medical supply boxes, and much more! View all here.


Source: 5S Lean information based on Akro-Mils Organization Strategies, learn more here.