MonitorMark Product Exposure Indicators

A recent notice from the U.S. Government Food Safety initiative has detailed the importance of proper response, diagnosis and prevention of food illness outbreaks.

Please see the article here which details how food can get contaminated at the different steps of preparation, ie: during production, processing, distribution, or preparation, and what plans the government has put into place to trace and prevent the contamination.

We recommended mini cold packs, or our instant cold pack to ensure that food products remain at the required temperature on-the-go.

A very simple way to ensure that food is kept at the required temperature is by using a MonitorMark product exposure indicator on food refrigeration transport units, or simply in lunch boxes on-the-go. These product exposure indicators monitor temperatures to assure temperatures do not exceed an acceptable limit. When the maximum temperature of the tag is exceeded, a blue color appears in the window farthest to the left.  It proceeds to the right as exposure continues.  When color change occurs, it is irreversible. MonitorMarks attach with an adhesive back to most clean, dry surfaces.

MonitorMarks are recommended for use on a vast range of products which require refrigeration:  pharmaceuticals, vaccines, whole blood products, chemicals, x-ray film and food items.

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