Noise-Reducing Ear Plugs from PharmaSystems

Tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ears, affects more than 250 million people worldwide (source: American Tinnitus Association), and is caused by noise exposure, often from loud music, the workplace, motor racing and firearms. Exposure to such loud noises can damage your 15,000 hair cells in your inner ear, and will be damaged forever.

Promote Tinnitus Prevention with Noise Reducing Ear Plugs and Ear Care:



Ear Plugs for Noise Protection

Ear Plugs for Noise Protection


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For helpful tips about managing Tinnitus, please visit the American Tinnitus Association website

Please also see this helpful article posted by Harvard Health Publications from Harvard Medical School on Tinnitus and what to do about it >


Benefits of PharmaSystems’ noise-reducing ear plugs:

  • Comfortable, soft foam is easy to compress and insert into the ear
  • Tapered design is comfortable, easy to apply and remove, and will stay in place during wear
  • Selection of ear plugs offer noise-reduction ratings of 27-33 decibels (higher ratings denote greater sound protection, when used as directed)
  • Array of colours available – from bright to discreet
  • Available in value-pack reclosable tubs, to single on-the-go packages, select the pack size that best suits your needs