Occupational Safety & Health Administration: Reducing Stress Associated with Static Posture

Pharmacists, like many other professions, spend many hours a day standing on their feet. Staying in one position (also known as Static Posture) increases the load or force on the muscle and tendons, which contributes to fatigue. Static posture often impedes on the blood flow needed to bring nutrients to the muscles; thus causing muscle fatigue. The longer or more frequently static posture occurs, the greater the risk of injury due to overuse of muscles, joints and other tissues.

Reducing the stress associated with static posture can help reduce the risk of MSI (Musculoskeletal Injury).

PharmaSystems is proud to carry Pharmacy Supplies to aid in reducing static posture, including:

Anti-fatigue Matting helps reduce fatigue associated with standing for long periods of time. These mats provide a softer surface to stand on, which helps reduce overall muscle exertion.

Footstools can help reduce stress on lower back and legs. They allow workers to raise one foot up, which helps shift body weight and reduce stress on the lower back and legs when standing for long periods.

Stand-Up Stools allows you to work standing up with legs stretched out and 2/3 the body weight resting on the seat leaving only 1/3 the body weight to be absorbed by the feet.

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