Silent Knight Pill Crusher & Pouches

Special Offer on our most-popular pill crusher – the Silent Knight®
The Silent Knight® is a quiet yet powerful pill crusher, requiring minimal manual effort. PharmaSystems® is proud to offer this crusher and pouches at a new, reduced price! Log in to view details and to place your order – click here for details.
Product Features:
  • Quiet and powerful pill crusher – silently crushes tablets without disturbing patients
  • Features OxiTitan™ antimicrobial coating to help fight infections
  • Tablets are crushed in durable latex-free polyethylene (7 mil) pouches, preventing cross contamination and no clean up required
  • Pouches will hold and crush up to approximately five tablets (depending on the size of the tablets)
  • Crushes pills and tablets into fine powder- reduces risk of clogging feeding tubes
  • Requires minimum force to crush tablets reducing risk of wrist or arm injuries
  • Storage compartment provides easy access to pouches Includes 50 pouches, see item # 7414-31 for package of 1000
  • Dimensions: L: 26.7 x W: 7.6 x H: 11.4 cm