Steri-Tamp® Sterile Tamper-Evident Seals

Steri-Tamp® Vial Seal

PharmaSystems is proud to offer the only tamper-evident seal that provides a 100% sterile barrier. This patented dual-layer design leaves true tamper evidence with a foil top layer which provides evidence of a needle puncture, and a secondary “Opened” labelling… Continue Reading

Vaccine Monitoring Thermometers Checklist

Vaccine Monitoring Thermometers from PharmaSystems PharmaSystems is proud to be the Canadian source for pharmacy supplies. In addition to offering exceptional quality products, our customer service includes notifications and information on changing Canadian pharmacy requirements. With the Flu shot in… Continue Reading

Exclusive Offer: Custom Imprinted Oral Syringes

Custom Imprinted Oral Dispensing Syringes

Take advantage our new exclusive offer available until June 30th 2014: Buy 250 Custom Imprinted Oral Syringes and Get 50 Free! Offer Valid for Clear ExactaMed Oral Syinges(IMP250 & IMP210) and Clear Syringes with Coloured Plungers (IMP250PS & IMP210PS) Clear ExactaMed Oral Syringes:  Individually poly-bagged… Continue Reading

Silent Knight Pill Crusher & Pouches

SilentKnight Special Offer

  Special Offer on our most-popular pill crusher – the Silent Knight® The Silent Knight® is a quiet yet powerful pill crusher, requiring minimal manual effort. PharmaSystems® is proud to offer this crusher and pouches at a new, reduced price! Log in… Continue Reading

Med ID Jewelry

Medical Identification Jewelry

Medical Identification saves lives by providing accurate medical information when needed most. Bracelet & necklace med id jewelry aids in accurate treatment while lowering the risk of medical error. PharmaSystems offers a selection of Medical ID’s including: Peanut Allergy Asthma Anti-Coagulant Drug… Continue Reading

Grapefruit Warning Labels

Warning Labels

Recent study finds many new drugs create negative interactions with Grapefruit, as published in an article earlier this week by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.  According to the report, new drugs that are found to have negative interactions with grapefruit include:  Certain cholesterol-lowering statin… Continue Reading

PharmaSystems’ Nasal Aspirator

Nasal Aspirator

Babies are highly susceptible to colds as their immune systems are immature, making them more vulnerable to the 200+ viruses that cause the common cold. Most children average between six and 10 colds per year. View Source Babies and infants cannot… Continue Reading