Unit Dose Packaging Solutions from PharmaSystems

Knowing that not oral solid dose pharmaceuticals come packaged from the manufacturer in unit-of-use packaging, we are forced to rely on ad-hoc  packaging of oral solids. PharmaSystems recognizes this need, and we are proud to offer a large selection of unit-dose packaging solutions – blisters and lidding to meet your custom site-specific packaging decision criteria.

This system is fast, efficient and economical for small volume packaging – requires less downtime, and no chance of mechanical failure!

Ideal for small packaging runs, allergy risk medications, high-risk medications, chemo drugs and solid unit dose packaging

Our Unit Dose Blister and Label product line provides the ability for pharmacists to choose the blister and label combination appropriate to meet each ad-hoc requirement.

Our comprehensive system includes:

  • Unit dose blisters – both light-sensitive colours and clear
  • Labelling – specially designed so that no adhesive is applied over the medication cavity
  • Foam Sealing Trays – holds blisters in place to help expedite the filling and sealing process
  • Rollers – help apply pressure to the labels, and properly seal the blisters

When the blisters and labels are used together properly, they are in accordance with USP Package Class Ratings (USP 27 section <671>).

We have developed a guide to show the appropriate blister (organized by Class and dating time frame), and the appropriate corresponding label and sealing trays, see below, or see details here.

Unit Dose Solutions blister, label and foam tray configuration chart

Unit Dose Solutions blister, label and foam tray configuration chart


We offer a large variety of blister options; selection from:

  • Blister colour
  • Blister Size
  • Blister Depth
  • Blister Shape
  • USP Class (A, B, or D)
  • Dating – 1 year, 6 month or 30 day

See Details here:

Blister Sizing Chart

Blister Sizing Chart


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