Water in your Ear?

We found the following article in The Toronto Sun this morning visually describing how 1 in 10 people will get Swimmer’s Ear at one point or another. This is definitely the best visual depiction we’ve seen so far on what Swimmer’s Ear is, how you can get the infection, what symptoms to look out for, and how to treat it properly.

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Here is a quick synopsis of what the infographic outlines: – Swimmer’s Ear is an infection caused by bacteria-filled eater settling in the ear canal.
– You can get swimmer’s ear when the ear is exposed to excess moisture
– The skin inside the ear becomes soggy, diluting the acidity of the ear’s lining.
– A small scratch in you ear’s lining allows bacteria to grow.
– The result is an ear infection that can cause severe pain and decreased hearing.

If not treated properly, complications can occur: 
– Temporary hearing loss
– Long-term infection
– Deep-tissue infection
– Bone and cartilage damage
– More widespread infection

Prevention: Keep your ears dry! Allow water to drain after swimming or showers by tipping your head to each side. Always dry off with a clean towel. And always wear Ear plugs when swimming! Click here to view what Ear Plugs we recommend

After Swimming Treatment – Clear Ears by PharmaSystems

Water trapped in the ears after swimming or bathing can be very uncomfortable and may lead to ear problems such as Swimmer’s Ears. The revolutionary, patent pending, product, ClearEars, is a soft, comfortable earplug containing a FDA approved polymer which draws water from the ears.
– Works fast in only 5- 10 minutes.
– Safe for kids and adults.
– More convenient than ear drops providing on the spot relief.
– Earth friendly as ClearEars can be reused to help plants retain water. See package for details.
– Alcohol free, dries and relieves.

Consumers have indicated that ClearEars may also help to alleviate the condition of Glue Ear, which is a build-up of thick, sticky fluid behind the ears resulting in temporary hearing loss.

ClearEars is recommended by Olympic medalist and NCAA champion Christine Magnuson to remove trapped water from the ears after swimming or bathing.

Earol – By Pharmasystems Earol® is an effective method for instilling olive oil to soften compacted earwax and is suitable for all age groups and easy to use.

Earol® has some unique features: – Larger bottle and actuator – making Earol® easy to use, especially important for those with less dexterity
– Tapered actuator – ensuring that it has limited access to the auditory canal to avoid any damage to the delicate mechanisms of the ear
– Directed mist spray – administering the correct amount of olive oil to soften the ear wax without any mess or wastage
– 10ml bottle – allowing for both ears to be treated twice a day for 14 days.
– The bottle and label are transparent. This allows visibility of the oil inside and also gives an indication of the amount of oil remaining.
– Earol® can be used preventatively once a week to aid ear hygiene and maintain healthy ears
– An Alternate use for Earol to help prevent swimmers ear

Whatever you do in the water, Earol will protect your hearing and prevent the pain and discomfort of swimmers ear. Earol swim is an easy to use, medically approved pump spray that finely coats the ear canal with a waterproof barrier of olive oil.

– Prevents swimmers ear and water being trapped in the ear
– A perfect solution for those engaged in all water-based activities

To learn more about PharmaSystems brand products, or where to buy Clear Ears or Earol, please contact us at http://www.pharmasystems.com/, info@pharmasystems.com, or call us Toll Free at 1.888.475.2500