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These products meet the current Canadian standards for vaccine storage and handling. Valid as of Summer 2014. Please contact us for details.

Vaccine Monitoring Recommendations:
  • The National Vaccine Storage and Handling Guidelines, as well as many provincial guidelines, require manual documentation of vaccine temperatures, where the current, minimum and maximum refrigerator temperatures, and the ambient room temperature must be recorded at the beginning and end of each day (min/max temperatures must be reset after each recording) – log templates are available, refer to the guidelines, or contact us for assistance
  • The digital thermometer display should be placed on the outside of the refrigerator (Ontario requires a display with a minimum resolution of 0.1°), with the probe in the centre of the refrigerator (preferably in a vaccine box)
  • Fluid probes (bio-safe glycol bottle probes) are recommended for a more accurate reading
  • Thermometers should be set to alarm if temperatures fall to 3°C or rise to 7°C to signify it is almost reaching out of range temperatures
  • Thermometers should be checked for calibration at least each year, and should be calibrated within ±0.5°C of accuracy.
  • Thermometers should have a low battery indicator, and batteries should be replaced every 6 months